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Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company has been helping people get the smile they desire, even in the most hopeless situations. TRUETEETH is a brilliant implant technology that is treatment planned for patients who have had complex dental problems, endless root canals, crowns, bridgework, or are highly susceptible to decay and are tired of the endless trips to the dentist and getting nowhere. Are you tired of not eating your foods correctly or smiling for pictures, or do your dentures slip and slide? We at Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company of Long Island and part of the Tri-State TRUETEETH Group that can offer you a solution. For 20+ years, we have been replacing teeth with Dental Implants and restoring them immediately after surgery with lab made teeth. This process allows you to be free of embarrassment while in the implant healing phase, because you will not be left without teeth or a smile. We are constantly focused on finding new techniques and protocols to improve this treatment, and discovering new ways to make the most aesthetic, functional and comfortable prosthetics. The TRUETEETH protocol allows us to fabricate a more predictable case in many circumstances. If you are someone with hopeless teeth, or have been told that you are in need of extensive and/or expensive dental work, be aware that this may only serve as a temporary solution for you. TRUETEETH may be a more affordable, beneficial and permanent option if your teeth are in a compromised state.

Suffolk TRUETEETH Dentists.

The final prosthesis is anchored to the dental implants to provide a permanent, fixed solution. The restoration looks, feels and operates like your own natural teeth. They will not slip and slide like dentures when you eat, speak and smile. TRUETEETH also maintains your jawbone, which is critical in preserving your facial appearance. The TRUETEETH Laboratory uses the latest and greatest components to create a long-lasting prosthetic restoration to fit your particular needs.

TRUETEETH is affordable and simple, as well as comfortable and easy to maintain. It is made with accuracy and precision, and uses modern technology to give you the beautiful smile, functionality, and confidence that you’ve always wanted. Upon your initial exam in our office, we will evaluate you and create a treatment plan, to determine which option is best for you and your unique needs.

Certified Suffolk TRUETEETH Dentists – Dr. Ira Koeppel and Dr. David Gohari

Phases of treatment

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Review of treatment plan
  3. Preliminary Impressions
  4. Placement of implants/Temporary prosthesis or Temporary denture insert
  5. Final Impressions  
  6. Placement of final prosthesis

TrueTEETH Before & AfterTrueTEETH Before & After


Upon your first visit to our office, you will be interviewed and consulted on what your specific wants and needs are. Typically, we require a series of radiographs, as well as a panoramic to determine the condition of your existing teeth. We then ask a few questions to find out what your personal goals are, so that we can satisfy all your needs and give you the smile of your dreams.

Review of Treatment Plan:

Since we now have collected all the appropriate data needed to further discuss your goals, the specialists at Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company will then review all the information, and devise a treatment plan according to your specific needs. You will come in for a second visit to discuss what we have mapped out, and at this time be able to contribute your insight and opinions on the treatment as well. Some of the details discussed at this visit will be the amount of implants needed, personal wants, as well as costs. It is your mouth, so you have the last say in everything that we plan! This is a great time to ask as many questions as you like. 

Preliminary Impressions:

When the treatment plan is established absolutely, we can take our records. This process should take about an hour, and sometimes can be done the same day as your review. The purpose of the impressions is to acquire appropriate records needed for the laboratory to accurately fabricate the temporary prosthesis to fit the distinct anatomy of your mouth while healing from the implant surgery. Everyone’s case is different and unique. This visit is extremely crucial, because it allows us to send the laboratory the most accurate information to conform to you perfectly. At Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company, we obsess so you don’t have to. 

Placement of Implants: 

After we have determined how many implants are needed for a strong and successful prosthesis, we will schedule you for the implant surgery. A surgical guide is used to determine implant placement. The guide is made based on the position of the teeth. The implants are then guaranteed to be in the best position. Our very highly skilled, board certified oral surgeons will take very good care of you during this time. You will not be left without teeth. We will place the lab-made temporary prosthesis so you are able to eat and have function of teeth while you are in the healing and maturing phase. Discomfort and soreness is to be expected as you just had surgery. It is possible you may need some adjustments along the way during this phase of treatment. Most of the time, you can resume your normal activities within a few days. Any future visit after this will not require any local anesthesia, as most people fear.

Final Impressions:

When the implants have matured with the bone, we are able to take the final impressions. The purpose of these impressions is to distinguish exactly where each implant is placed, and at what angle. The prosthesis needs to fit the implants precisely, so that your final restoration is at its maximum comfort level. It is very similar to the preliminary impression phase; aside from the materials we use and the data we collect. Dr. Koeppel and Dr. Gohari will help guide you in the selection of teeth and shade at this time, so be very clear as to what your requirements are to make you the happiest you can be with your new smile.

TrueTEETH Before & After

Placement of final prosthesis:

This is the most rewarding and exciting time of the entire process! About a month after the final impressions, the lab will have made you a beautiful smile that you can virtually use as if you were born with it. We go through a very thorough and rigorous process to make this smile absolutely perfect for you. With some minor adjustments, you will leave that day with the smile of your dreams. We will go over the proper home care and maintenance with you at this visit, and allow you to ask any additional questions that you may have. We are always there to make you happy and to help you with anything you need. The TRUETEETH protocol is efficient and the prosthesis is made to be long lasting, aesthetic and comfortable. When well-taken care of, your TRUETEETH Smile can last a lifetime.


Before & After Cases:

TrueTEETH Before & After TrueTEETH Before & AfterTrueTEETH Before & AfterTrueTEETH Before & After