The first couple of thoughts that come to mind when many people think about going to the dentist are bad reports and painful dental procedures. Unfortunately, fear prevents millions of people from proper dental care. Going to the dentist for regular checkups or a routine exam and x-ray can prevent pain, brighten your smile and prevent costly procedures.


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What Can Dental Prevention Do for Your Dental Health?

People who go through great lengths to avoid sitting in a dentist chair fail to realize today’s dental techniques and procedures are so advanced, that almost all are pain-free (or minimal discomfort). There is one thing for certain, prevention is a lot less painful than waiting until you’re in excruciating pain to go to the dentist. Dental disease is progressive in nature and taking care of issues when they are small is the best way to go.

Dental prevention will not only prevent pain, it can prevent gum disease, and help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Even if you already have dental problems, such as gum disease, it is treatable.

Benjamin Franklin once quoted, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We believe in this quote as if it was our own. In fact, we have witnessed this belief first-hand. Patients who go to the dentist regularly, avoid serious dental problems because our compassionate dental professionals are able to detect them early and provide effective treatment.

For this reason, we are offering our first-time patients a $99 Exam, X-Rays*, and Cleaning**! We can help you prevent pain and expensive dental procedures in the future.


Simply give us a call to schedule for an exam, x-rays* and cleaning.** During your initial visit, the doctors at Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company will carefully review your dental x-rays. Then perform an exam to evaluate the condition of your gums and teeth. If you have crowns or fillings, they will be examined as well, to make sure they are in optimal condition.

The dentist will be able to detect any cavities or gum disease and assist you in taking good care of them. Additionally, these procedures will help reveal any potential dental problems before they become unbearable!

Our dental hygienists will then work with you as your personal dental health coach. They will show you models and photos to aid in your understanding of dentistry. Numbing gel and laughing gas (which is always free!) are available to make your cleaning as comfortable as possible.

We are here to help!

We encourage you to ask any questions related to your oral health during your visit. We will also share helpful dental hygiene tips, such as good flossing, brushing and other techniques. We can help keep your smile healthy between dental visits!

We understand that seeing the dentist can be nerve-racking. We’re here to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.

Take the First Step Call Now 631-689-1800 A Beautiful Smile and Good Dental Health is Priceless!

*excludes 3D CBCT x-ray

**healthy mouth cleaning only

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