Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic dentures differ from standard dentures because they do not look or function like their traditional counterpart. Cosmetic dentures are becoming a very popular treatment alternative to multiple dental implants. Many seasoned denture wearers are now looking to replace their old worn out dentures with an upgraded version that enables them to have a beautiful smile as well a comfortable fit.

Is It Time To Change Dentures?

Most of those who already have full dentures will tell you the process of getting dentures is not pleasant. You have teeth extracted, go through many impressions and adjustments, and over a period of a few months the dentures will be relined many times to make up for the shrinkage of gum tissue. The result is usually a denture that carries a host of problems.

Advantages of Modern Dentures

Some disadvantages to standard dentures are clicking noises, falling out, difficulty eating, easy staining, embarrassing odor, looking fake, feeling fake, and being uncomfortable. Very few people know that with proper treatment planning and use of the correct materials all these problems can be corrected before they ever happen. Many people are starting to discover that there are many choices in diverse types of denture and partial materials that can compare to the esthetics of crown and veneer work. Long Island Cosmetic Denture Dentist, Dr. Koeppel, director of Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company, believes no one, but you, should know you are wearing dentures. They should look, act, and function just like normal teeth.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

What Types of Dentures Are Used?

Dr. Jack Turbyfill, a world-renowned denture expert and prosthodontist, developed the Turbyfill denture method. This method allows Long Island Cosmetic Denture Dentist Dr. Koeppel to create dentures that balance occlusion (bite) and esthetics and accommodate the loss of bone and gum tissue. This specific protocol captures a patient’s mouth while eating, resting, chewing, and speaking making them incredibly comfortable. The teeth placed in the denture are made of new advanced esthetic composite-acrylic, giving them a more attractive look and allowing them to be much more durable.

The Denture Process

This process utilizes two denture phases. The first denture fabricated is like a test drive (and will act as training wheels). It is used as a tool to assess the function (the way you chew), durability, and esthetic appearance allowing us to make slight adjustments until everything is perfect. The doctor gathers data for the final prosthesis, which he might reline in the future. The patient provides feedback on anything they would like to have changed to assure the final product is just right.

Why Choose Dr. Koeppel

Dr. Koeppel works closely with the artisans at the laboratory during this time. Creating the perfect amount of shading, opalescence, perfect teeth size, and rotation to create a result that looks nothing like dentures. Tinting acrylic to look like flesh is not uncommon. Shades are taken on every patient to match the prosthesis to their gum tissue flawlessly. The final product is literally esthetic perfection, with seamless transition from denture to gum tissue.

Upgradable Cosmetic Dentures

Koeppel Dental Group often uses cosmetic dentures and partials as a stepping-stone for upgradeable dentistry (possibly implants in the future). This allows patients to have a cosmetically appealing look nearly instantly while managing future needs and preparing for eventual procedures to counteract bone loss and solidify dental function in the future.

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