Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

A tooth can become discolored or stained for multiple reasons that could be related to age, dark drinks such as coffee or cola, smoking, and more. When teeth become stained it is because dark pigments are able to seep through the enamel to a layer called the dentin. This makes stains difficult to fully remove using traditional methods such as brushing or at home teeth whitening treatments. Zoom Teeth whitening provides an in-office whitening solution that bleaches the teeth to remove surface stains and help achieve a brighter smile.

Zoom is the most well known “in office” whitening system. It combines a 25 percent hydrogen peroxide light activated gel and a full-mouth bleaching light to lighten teeth 7 to 10 shades in an hour. Discuss Dental, the creators of the original Zoom, have now created Zoom 2 which produces great results with less sensitivity.

Compared to at home teeth whitening treatments, Zoom can provide better results much faster.

How long does teeth whitening take?

Teeth whitening does not always have to take a long time. With Zoom, patients can improve the color of their teeth in one simple in-office visit! This is the perfect option if you want to spruce up your smile at the last minute before a big event. The Zoom light activated gel is applied directly to the teeth, and the high beam light is placed right above your smile. You are provided light resistant goggles, and mouth retractors to achieve the best result. A paint-on dental dam is used to insure your gums do not get hot from the light. After an hour passes, you see your results instantly: a new, dramatically brighter, much whiter smile. It is important that you realize that you must also continue with home maintenance to obtain and keep a good result.

The procedure is designed to be a spa like experience where you are free to relax and listen to music during the session.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Many dentists consider Zoom teeth whitening to be one of the safest procedures. Some patients experience tooth sensitivity after undergoing teeth whitening, however modern whitening procedures such as Zoom 2 work to lessen sensitivity after the procedure.


Am I a Candidate for Zoom!

Assessments are made for each patient at Koeppel Dental Group focusing on the characteristics of tooth enamel, supportive gum tissues, existence of potential lesions and dentin health. Dr. Koeppel personally picks, with you the whitening procedures and products, eliminating the worry of excessive bleaching, which can make teeth translucent looking.

Dr. Koeppel truly understands each chemical compound, and how they react to the tooth enamel and tooth structure, in each whitening product he prescribes for patients. This knowledge means each patient will have a different whitening treatment and protocol that is customized for the best possible results. Nothing at Koeppel Dental Group is one-size-fits-all. We strive to get the best result every time, on every patient using only the highest quality materials, and the most comfortable treatments.

How to keep teeth whitening results

After Zoom, it is important to maintain and exercise good home health care to minimize side effects and staining. Brushing twice per day, flossing, and using mouthwash all help to keep teeth white and prevent stains from seeping into  To keep bleached teeth white for as long as possible, it is important to stay away from pigmented foods and drinks. Up to 48 hours after your procedure it is best to avoid any dark beverages: red wine, coffee, black tea, cola, & others could lessen the impact of your results.