Ultra Teeth Whitening KoR

Whitening is the least invasive procedure that can dramatically change the appearance of your smile. Toothpastes and at home kits are now sold at supermarkets and convenience stores promising whiter teeth. Most people are aware of the promises, but have realized by now they don’t work like they expect. Nothing compares to professional whitening at a dental office. There are many whitening products on the market, and it is not a one size fits all application. Long Island Teeth Bleaching specialist Dr. Koeppel personally helps each patient decide which whitening product would best fit his or her needs.

Enhance your smile, whiten your teeth, enhance your life!

Am I A Candidate?

Although most are candidates for whitening, there are about 7 percent of people who are not. Whitening candidates have stained teeth from coffee, tea, or smoking, or darkened teeth from old age to a yellow, brown, or orange color. Colors like gray and beige caused by fluorosis or tetracycline are also lightened. Those who have extreme periodontal disease, worn enamel, or extremely sensitive teeth may be discouraged from bleaching.

At Home Teeth Whitening Treatment

Impressions are taken, and customized trays are fabricated. The patient takes the trays home and applies whitening gel, dispensed at the office, into each tooth in the tray. They trays are worn for an hour each night until the maximum result is achieved. Most at home bleach gels are Carbamide peroxide ranging in percentages from 10-20 percent. Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company recommends bleaching gel which Carbamide peroxide, one of the strongest on the market. The downside to this method is that you do not get an instant result, discouraging some to continue with at home maintenance, but with compliance and persistence you can get optimal results as well.

KoR Teeth Whitening With Aquabrite

Dr. Koeppel has had a lot of success with this new innovative system. The KoR whitening system is a three-part process. Patients come into the office for a two-hour power bleach, followed by take home bleaching for 2-6 weeks, The patient then comes back into the office for another two-hour power bleach.


This is by far the best bleaching method for results and longevity of whitening. You cannot go wrong with Koeppel Dental Group’s protocol and results are personally guaranteed!

Personalized Treatment

Assessments are made for each patient at Koeppel Dental Group focusing on the characteristics of tooth enamel, supportive gum tissues, existence of potential lesions and dentin health. Dr. Koeppel personally picks, with you the whitening procedures and products, eliminating the worry of excessive bleaching, which can make teeth translucent looking.

Why Choose KoR Teeth Whitening Treatment?

The reason KoR works so well is because it restores the teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. When the gel is applied to the teeth, the oxygen in the gel then gets deeply absorbed into the tooth dissolving stain molecules, and dark spots giving you, Dr. Koeppel’s patient, unsurpassed results. The materials are always fresh (manufactured under refrigeration, shipped refrigerated then stored refrigerated) allowing for the most effective bleach available.

What Results Can I Expect?

There is no guarantee how much ones teeth will lighten with any bleaching product. Each case is different: depending on the amount of stain, the eating and drinking of pigmented foods and drinks, and patients compliance with the products. Usually there is at least a four-to-seven shade difference from before and after. Dr. Koeppel always takes a before shade and photo on his patients, so you, the patient, can see the results clearly.