One Team – One Location – One Cost

Are you tired of going to multiple offices’ including specialists, and getting multiple prices?

Exceptional Service

At Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company, our focus is you! We understand that your time is valuable and do not want you to waste it going on more consultations. If your treatment plan requires you to see a specialist, there is no need to worry. We bring the specialists to you – not the other way around. Where compassion meets quality and ease of care. One dental office, one staff, all treatments, one price. Board certified oral surgeon, periodontist, and general dentists serving your needs, in one comfortable setting. Sedation provided upon request. Experience, training matters when providing treatment of advanced oral surgery, implant and periodontal procedures. This ensures the highest degree of successful treatment with the least amount of complications.

Other Offices

No need to shuffle around to different dental offices, with multiple fees, repeated x-rays, multiple opinions. This is time consuming and leads to confusion.

  1. General Dental Office
  2. Oral Surgeon, or Periodontist
  3. 3D, CBCT (Cat Scan)
  4. Coordination between General Dental Office and Specialist
  5. Specialist Office to Place Implants
  6. Back to General Dental Office to Place Prosthesis (teeth)
  7. Back to Oral Surgeon For Post-Operative Visits
  8. Back to General Dental Office to Complete Prosthetic Restoration

This way is time consuming and leads to confusion. Let our office show you how simple complex dentistry can be!

Our Simple Approach

Our convenience is not the only benefit. Our team of specialists and general dentists spend time together treatment planning, and coordinating your case to ensure the most effective treatment possible to yield unequaled results. No more fees for consultations either! Your one exam fee covers any necessary consultations with our specialists. One Fee, One Location, One Team of Dentists!