How To Clean a Hydro-Cast Denture

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How To Clean a hydro-cast Denture

Instructions for Hydrocast Dentures

Today you received a denture with the most advanced soft reline available. With your help it should be in great shape for months to come.

  1. Do not smoke or use alcohol, including mouth rinses that have alcohol in the ingredients. This will cause the soft reline to dry out. Smoking and/or using alcohol causes this progression to be quicker.
  2. When taking your denture out to be cleaned, make sure to place a towel in the sink, so if the dentures drop they will not break.
  3. When cleaning the soft inside of your dentures, use a q-tip or your finger being careful not to pull any of the soft reline material out.
  4. You can soak the dentures in a small cap full of the ProFresh mouth wash and a little water to fill the denture cup. Profresh is a great disinfectant and odor eliminator (it is nonalcoholic and flavor free).
  5. Always place the dentures teeth side down when they are out of your mouth, in the denture cup with the solution. When the denture is out of your mouth, it must be in water.
  6. You can brush the teeth on the denture gently with a toothbrush, no toothpaste. Rinse with warm or cool water. Never use hot water!

This is the only regimen that has worked for my patients, and leads to successful treatment!

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