How To Clean a Coe-Soft Denture

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How To Clean a Coe-soft Denture

Instructions for Denture Patients

You can take your dentures out during the day and when you sleep once Dr. Koeppel gives you the ok. The dentures must be wrapped in a wet paper towel anytime they are out of your mouth.

Remove and rinse dentures after eating. When handling dentures out of the mouth, put a towel in the sink, so if the denture drops they will not break.

When removing your dentures, rinse your mouth out. Use a toothbrush for any natural teeth. When you get the OK from Dr. Koeppel, you can start brushing the extraction site and healing abutments with an extra soft toothbrush that is provided to you. You also want to rub your tissue and clean around the healing abutments with gauze. After one week, you can start to increase the pressure of brushing. When you are ready, you can start being a little more aggressive with brushing and start using a regular toothbrush.

Any time the dentures are out of your mouth, they need to be wrapped in a wet paper towel and in the denture box.

Remove any loose particles with a denture brush lightly. You can brush the teeth with a denture brush and water.

If you happen to get a sore spot, you want to leave the dentures in the whole night before you have an appointment in our office so Dr. Koeppel is able to see the sore spot and adjust the denture.
Do not soak your dentures in bleach, mouthwash or any other liquids that can distort your denture. Do not remove any of the soft lining inside of the denture.

When given the ok, we will show you where you can apply denture adhesives to help with the stability of the denture.

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