How to Choose the Best Implant Dentist on Long Island

Being committed to patient health and exceptional care, Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company, of Stony Brook, Brookhaven, Suffolk County, Long Island, has comprised a brief guide in successfully choosing the best implant dentist on Long Island.

Dentists are offering implant services more than ever due to the many benefits of dental implants replacing missing teeth.

Take your time to do all the research, as it is not a decision you want to make lightly. Below are suggestions you can utilize to find and choose the best implant dentist that is right for you.


Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are currently the most innovative and notable advancement in modern dental treatments. Whether you need to replace a single missing tooth or manage severe dental disease and decay, dental implants are designed to help patients achieve fully-functional, natural-appearing teeth. Patients will benefit in several ways when deciding on a Long Island dental implant dentist, through improving their overall health and well-being, and refining their function, look and appearance. Some primary benefits to choosing the best dental implants include:

  1. Restored Function
  2. Strength & Durability
  3. Improved Health
  4. Refined Smile
  5. Perfect Placement of the Dental Implant(s)
  6. Discretion & Natural-Look of Prosthetics/Teeth
  7. Self-Esteem and Overall Well-Being

Today, dentists offer implant services more than ever. Choosing the right dentist for dental implants can be a difficult task, as patients should never compromise their teeth, smile, bone or their wallet. When choosing the best implant dentist on Long Island one must keep in mind that we are beginning a new relationship and building trust, which is meaningful and is part of your life-changing treatment or transformation. See our doctors’ biographies at Koeppel Dental Group- A Dental365 Company.


How to Choose Long Islands Best Implant Dentist

1. Ensure the dentist has relevant and current continuing education.

When choosing a Long Island implant dentist for your dental implants, some of the most important things to pay attention to are expert ability, education and experience. This will help ensure the outcome of your dental implants, as well as produce a natural-looking smile and improve your overall confidence. A dentist who constantly pursues continuing education and training will be up-to-date on the latest procedures and technological advancements. Not only will this yield outstanding results, but you can rest assure that your procedures will be completed in a safe manner. Your safety is always a top priority to a great implant dentist on Long Island. Always be wary of dentists who say they have “completed a short course” on dental implants. A short course does not provide the full training needed to execute this type of dental procedure.

2. Choose an Implant Dentist that is “Board-Certified and Diplomate”.

To become “board-certified”, an oral surgeon must go above and beyond the minimal standard of training by way of extra education and must pass a rigorous test to prove it (an example). The basic premise of board certification is a good one, for it evidences that the Long Island implant dentist have committed themselves to undergoing a vast amount of training on top of the normal requirements of dental surgical training. Combining this professional credential with years of experience, board-certified oral surgeons will perform complex procedures more accurately, safely and be able to handle any complications that may occur. Verify that the implant dentist is board-certified, so you do not have to worry if you are choosing a knowledgeable and skilled expert. See Dr. Joshua Gish’s biography.

3. Choose an Implant Dentist Who Specializes in Dental Implants.

An oral surgeon who regularly performs thousands of dental implants, and their complications if they occur will understand your mouth: skin, bone, muscles, nerves and sinuses. A competent oral surgeon will observe and evaluate, usually with a 3D Scan or CAT SCAN, and qualify a patient both physically and emotionally, instilling trust and delivering just what the patient expects — safety and success. It is always best to choose a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is a specialist, that has established a high level of experience and functional success. Their education and commitment to patient care ensures that you, your health, and safety — are top priority. (an example)

4. View Past & Current Dental Work.

A true implant dentist will have a gallery of before and after high quality photos. Utilization of their professional and artistic eye to create realism from simple one tooth replacement to full arch restorations, keeping abreast of all procedures performed that are meritorious to their patient’s individualized treatment plan and smile design. This gallery helps to demonstrate their ability to form both an understanding of the patient’s needs and desires and accomplishing them, whilst adhering to safety and avoiding complications. Request to see previous patients who had similar smile design goals as yours. You want to be able to observe the quality of cosmetic dentistry prior to commitment. See our implant smile transformations.

“Both my word and service are very important to me. I never promise what I can’t deliver. I have dedicated myself to the highest standards of dentistry, dental surgery, and artistic smile designs — and never forget the human element. I have brought together a team of professionals to deliver optimal care with one price, one location, and one team.” — Dr. Ira Koeppel, Director of Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company.

For over 25 years throughout Long Island, Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company has successfully practiced cosmetic and laser-assisted cosmetic dentistry that includes full arch reconstruction and dental implant surgery. Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company has developed and maintained a team of specialists to achieve his goal of delivering the best possible surgical and restorative outcomes. Dr. Koeppel‘s Dentist and Director of Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company distinct interests and passion for the applications of technologies in makeover dentistry allows for the groups artistic skills and cosmetic results to be unparalleled. We have dedicated ourselves to the highest standards of the art of cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery — and we pride our practice in never forgetting the human element. He is a favorite among local and regional dental organizations, such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), for his lectures on current concepts in restorative dentistry. Dr. Koeppel was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for “Outstanding Leadership Qualities”, from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (New York Chapter). He was a previous President of the organization in 2000, and has been a member for over 25+ years.

Dedicated to providing the best results possible, Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company is always continuing their education and completing new training on current procedures & dental advancements. Some of our doctors advanced trainings in progressive cosmetic implant dentistry are, “Advanced Full Arch Implant Techniques, “A Simple, Predictable, and Esthetic Approach to Implant Restorations” and “Digital Driven Dentistry – Success with Implants”. The goal of the best implant dentist on Long Island is to improve a patient’s function and self-image, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company provides the patient with a very positive experience with as little inconvenience and worry as possible. We are experienced professionals, who strive to the highest standards available, and always put the patient first.

A beautiful smile is a symbol of overall health and wellbeing. It can create a younger look and confidence. Your teeth are your best accessory for a happy, rewarding and successful life. We know that a great smile goes far beyond cosmetics. We offer a full range of cosmetic and implant services for helping you to achieve your lifetime dream of a beautiful smile.

“Our promise to you is to exchange in abundance and exceed your expectations – WHERE COMPASSION MEETS QUALITY!” — Koeppel Dental Group – A Dental365 Company

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