• My veneers have been done over and over and I am still not happy, help.
  • Can I get implants and teeth the same day? All my teeth are bad.
  • My dentures do not fit right, is there anything I can do?
  • Can I have implants without bone grafts?
  • I am so scared to come to the dentist, I am afraid to go.
  • My wife/husband says I snore. What can be done about this?
  • I want full mouth reconstruction, but I need it in a short amount of time.
  • I have bleached my teeth, with no results. Are there any other options?
  • How can I straighten the look of my smile without braces?
  • Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?
  • I’m tired of taking my teeth out every night, is there any other option for me?
  • I am always tired during the day. Can you help?
  • My implants have failed many times, can you help?
  • I am embarrassed of my teeth.
  • I think I have had some bad dental work done. Can you fix it?
  • I need a 2nd opinion.
  • I’d like to replace some of my missing teeth.
  • Why are cleanings always so painful? Is there another way?
  • I have been told I have no bone, and I want implants. Can you help?
  • Can I use my existing dentures with implants?
  • I want dentures that don’t look like dentures.
  • I know I have gum disease, but I want painless treatment.


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