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Severe Tetracycline Stained Teeth



When tetracycline was first used, the effect it would have on permanent teeth not yet erupted was unknown. The drug was widely dispersed amongst young children and pregnant women. Tetracycline has been around for over 50 years and treats a lot of symptoms, without side effects, in adults. But when children who have not yet formed enamel on their permanent teeth are subjected to this antibiotic, mild, moderate and severe discoloration with dark stain banding can occur.

In some cases this staining can be removed with ultra professional power bleaching like aquabrite – Kor .   However, often times, the staining is too deep or the bleaching only works for a short time. When staining is too dark or too severe for bleaching, more conventional methods are used.

Veneers, because of their reputation, are often sought after to correct tetracycline staining. However, Dr. Koeppel does not always use veneers to correct this type of stain because of the width of the porcelain on a veneer. Because the veneer is so thin, extremely dark stain might show through. And when the stain is that dark, slightly more  tooth structure must be removed to give enough room for the porcelain to block out the stain. 

Porcelain crowns can be the only restoration with the width of porcelain thick enough to block out severe stain. With porcelain crowns, the advantage of creating ideal biting relationships exists, as well as interproximal (in between the teeth) staining. Due to his extensive work at the LVI and PAClive institutes, Dr. Koeppel is very experienced in maintaining proper bite relations and achieving the results.   Sometimes a combination of veneers and crowns are used harmoniously to best suit the smile line. Dr. Koeppel, to achieve the best results possible, always utilizes the most conservative approach and giving a long lasting result is paramount.


Dr. Koeppels strive for excellence in every case shows in all the steps he takes to insure the final result will be nothing short of magnificent. Diagnostic wax ups allow Dr. Koeppel and the patient to collaboratively decide the best shape and size each tooth will be. The temporaries give the patient the option of changing size, shape, or color before the permanent ones are placed. “We always give the patient a chance to test drive the temporaries before we make final restorations.  I meet with them personally and get their opinion of what they like or dislike about the temporaries and transmit those adjustments to the ceramist to include in the final fabrication of their restorations, thereby making sure we exceeded our patient’s expectations.” 


Questions and Answers

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Slightly Tetracyclined Stained Teeth

Moderatly Tetracyclined Stained Teeth

Moderate Case - After Photo

Moderate Case - After Photo

Severe Tetracyclined Stained Teeth