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“Snore no More”
“Finally we all can sleep”


Text Box:    Snoring is not sexy at all!  Is snoring a problem for you or someone constantly keeping you up? Snoring can be a serious problem sometimes altering sleep patterns by waking you in the night or causing your partner to sleep in another room.


Snoring is caused by a partial blockage in the airway, and with the addition of a snore guard the jaw and tongue are held in a forward position clearing the airways and stopping snoring.


Dr. Koeppel fabricates custom snore guards for those not diagnosed with sleep apnea.


Fabrication of a Snore Guard


The fabrication of a snore guard is very simple and Dr. Koeppel does it in his practice daily. He has studied many methods, attended countless lectures and continuing education on this subject and tirelessly perfected this dental art. He even wears one himself!

Dr. Koeppel’s Snore Guard
Tap 3 Snore Guard
Tongue Retaining Device


Dr. Koeppel will start by doing an intra-oral exam looking for the initial blockage area. Then he will then take impressions of your teeth, make models and take measurements using devices specially made to take vibration analysis’ of your nasal patency and pharyngeal airway (Rhinometer and Pharyngometer).

A pharyngometer is a device used by Dr. Koeppel to quickly and easily measure the stability and size of patients airway. The pharyngometer is used when sleep apnea may be present, because there is a clear relationship between a narrow collapsible airway and OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). This test is minimally invasive and usually takes about 3 minutes to complete.



With this device results of the test are shown graphically by displaying the relationship between the cross- sectional area of the airway and the distance from top to bottom in centimeters on a computer screen. The pharyngometer uses acoustic reflection technology, by projecting sound waves down the airway and recoding them as they reflect back up. Dr. Koeppel is very experienced in using this technology in his office and has helped many patients sleep though the night without worrying about OSA.




These devices record data by using acoustic reflection in your nose and throat (like sonar in a submarine), and capture it on a computer screen. Once Dr. Koeppel determines the most optimum position for your jaws during sleep, he will take a bite registration. This rigid material allows him to capture the exact position accurately, so the laboratory can fabricate the guard flawlessly. These specific measurements, along with your models and bite registration are sent to Dr. Koeppels laboratory and then a snore guard is fabricated.


You then wear the guard every night, and snore no more!

No More Snoring and Everyone Has a Peaceful Sleep (snore guard in place)



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