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Preventing Worse


Preventing Worse

In rough times, most people put their own needs to the side, and focus on their families and immediate obligations. But when you put something on the back burner for so long, it becomes hard to step back into the light again. It has often been said, that nothing in the world hurts like a toothache. And everyone deserves to prevent this from occurring, even with financial obligations.

When more than one family member at a time needs treatment, it is twice or triple as hard to find financial resources to cover expenses! Todays economic downfalls are creating new challenges for some, who are in need of dental treatment or for those who have already started.


Band-Aid Dentistry

Conditions in dentistry do not improve in time, they only get worse. The longer treatment is put off, the more extensive and costly it will be in the end. However, if a patient is in need of an immediate fix, we can temporize a situation to get a patient out of pain or to prolong the life of a tooth temporarily, sometimes for a few years.

Patients with severe periodontal problems, or those in pain typically have much more complex treatment plans. Once decay hits the nerve of the tooth more costly procedures such as root canals, and implants are to be discussed. Most procedures require gum tissue around the area to be healthy. So prolonging treatment could lead to advanced problems.

Critical needs are treated immediately, and then in a timely fashion sensitive to the patients financial needs, esthetic aspects are taken care of. The idea is to eventually take care of every problem the patient is having, at their pace, respecting financial obligations while preventing worse from happening.


Phased Out Dentistry

The concept “phased out” dentistry really just means dentistry in stages. The purpose of this is to lower the financial burden that restorative dentistry can sometimes cause. Dr. Koeppel is aware that some patients need more time to financially handle treatment than others. Lets use a hybrid implant supported denture, for an example. The patient cannot afford this treatment at this time, but they can start with an immediate denture. Then move to a cosmetic denture, then add implants, and eventually make their way to the hybrid implant supported denture. With phased out dentistry, the timeline is in your, the patients, hands. But the ability to move forward is always there. You and Dr. Koeppel will decide which step to begin at, and which step you will ultimately end at, together.


Preventing Delay

To prevent prolonged delay, our office has many resources that can help patients get care on a timely basis. Inexpensive and interest free financing are available at our office.

  • CareCredit - a popular provider promoted by many health care offices. Care Credit offers a variety of flexible payment plans with a choice of interest rates as low as 0 percent.
  • Lending Club Financing - Offers attractive interest rates and easy payment as well.
  • VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express




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