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Treatment Details:
Cosmetic Laser Gum Sculpting
18 Non-metal Crowns and Veneers

John's Desires and How We Did It

Let me share with you John's story. His wife has been a patient for years and she finally pushed John to get his smile done. He has his own business and is constantly in front of the public. John said, "It would improve my self confidence and right now I don't smile with my mouth open. I'm embarassed." John presented with broken and chipped teeth that were out of alignment. His goals are a whiter and healthier look.

After sitting down with John and discussing his goals,we came up with a game plan. We finished his smile in just a two appointments. We inserted 10 Empress Crowns on the upper and 8 Empress crowns on the lower. We also did some creative gum sculpting so that the profile of his teeth as they emerged out of his gum tissue fit, his gender, and facial characteristics. John did not want to do orthodontics (braces), so we accomplished his straight teeth with the restorations.

John's Reaction:
My new smile has given me a lot more confidence, not only in my personal life but in my business as well. I notice myself making eye contact with my clients a lot longer which has improved my relationships with them. My wife says I smile now. I am much happier and instead of me being embarassed about my smile, it is now one of my strong attributes. I hear frequently: "nice smile!"