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Laser Dentistry


Lasers have really become important in our daily lives, from medicine to computers to household items, they are everywhere! Now this innovative technology is used in important dental technology too. LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.


In the United States, the FDA approved the use of lasers on gum tissue in 1990. Soon after, in 1996, the FDA approved it for hard tissue as well (teeth or bone). The use of lasers has really revolutionized the way dentistry is preformed.

Lasers are used to accelerate whitening processes, remove diseased tissue, and sometimes remove cavities from teeth! Dr. Koeppel is able to preform many services with his in office laser that saves his patients time and money and in many cases is more comfortable than traditional surgery.


What is A Dental Laser?


A laser is an instrument that amplifies light energy, and uses it to remove diseased tissue or decayed tooth. There are several different kinds of lasers, the most common being diode, carbon dioxide, and yttrium aliminium garnet.

Each has a specific purpose and different wave length. For example, diode lasers are well absorbed by red color and work best on soft tissue applications such as gingivectomy, cosmetic tissue sculpting, and frenectomies.  Dr. Koeppel uses his artistic skills and knowledge to correct gum contours for beauty.  The higher wave lengths work better on hard tissue such as bone and tooth.



Faster Healing

With the dental laser there is no need for suturing, and much less trauma to the site of surgery. There is almost no recovery time, and patient feel no discomfort. Because of the instant cauterization of the tissue there is little bleeding.

It is, however, important to keep the area of surgery clean after the procedure is completed. Dr. Koeppel always reviews this with his patients and gives them detailed home care instructions before they leave his office.

Tongue Frenectomy Very Graphic



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Before Cosemtic Gum
Sculpting Poor Veneers

After Cosmetic Gum
Sculpting New Veneers

Cosmetic Dental Diode Laser