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Gum & Bone Solutions


Periodontitis, also known as “periodontal disease” or “gum disease” is a chronic inflammation and infection of the gum tissue, jawbone, and teeth.  Most of us are afraid to hear what the doctor might say, since we have avoided the issue for so long.  We often hear our guests saying “I avoided cleanings before because they always hurt.”  Bacterial plaque is recognized as the primary cause of gum disease and inflammation, as well as one of the reasons why hygiene appointments are avoided.   Dr. Koeppel’s office offers many options for maintaining health, starting with the most conservative approaches. For example: frequent cleanings, mouth rinses and “Perio- Protect.” Dr. Koeppel even offers a salivary test in his office to determine the future risk of periodontitis for those who might have it, referred to as “Oral DNA.”

Unfortunately, we start to pay closer attention only when we notice that our teeth are loose or they bleed.  Some patients stop brushing certain areas once they see bleeding, and start to develop bad breath.  This also can present itself in a periodontal abscess. After experiencing discomfort, the patient will seek relief, only to find that it is too late, and the destruction is non-reversible.  

Mild or Moderate forms of gum disease go unnoticed since there is no discomfort until the teeth start to become loose.  It is the same with heart disease and blood pressure, you only know when you have a problem when there is a crisis.  With highly diagnostic digital radiographs (x-rays) and periodontal measurements, bone loss and discomfort could easily be avoided through conservative gum treatments. And often times surgery can be avoided. 

Now more than ever, we are able to reconstruct bone much the same to its original condition, with new grafting techniques and materials.  Being on the cutting edge of new technology, Dr. Koeppel is always broadening his education on the newest research in bone and tissue health, and is continuously delivering flawless results to his patients.




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