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Drill less Dentistry


Many people fear the dentist for one common reason, the drill. But Dr. Koeppel all but eliminates this problem for his patients. In certain procedures, he is able to use a product called Icon (short for infiltration concept) by DMG, allowing him to do what was once a “drilling required” procedure, without the drill or anesthesia.

This procedure works best to remove white spot lesions on teeth, a procedure that needed a filling or crown before. This new minimally invasive product is used to fill and reinforce the pore system of a white lesion, allowing it to blend into the tooth structure. Taking away the need to drill out the white spot and fill it, or prep the whole tooth and crown it!

This is a simple one-visit procedure that can stop the progression of early enamel lesions and remove white spot lesions with no drilling or anesthesia. This technique holds a real advantage over other procedures that may involve drilling, anesthesia, repeat visits, additional bleaching, bonding touch-ups, or veneers.


This technique is called Caries infiltration and it works by utilizing a low viscosity resin, which sinks deep into the white spot. This revitalizes the pores in the tooth replacing lost tooth structure and stopping any further caries (decay) progression as well as bringing the tooth color back and removing the white spots.  


Dr. Koeppel is always progressing forward in the advancement of dentistry as a whole. Always continuing to learn, Dr. Koeppel regularly attends continuing education seminars to stay on top of new dental technologies.






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White spots before treatment

Conditioning Agent

Rinse & Dry

Liquid Resin Applied and Cured

1 week Post Op White Spots Cured