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Denture Choices


Dr. Koeppels expertise in prosthetic devices and advanced denture treatment is due to his extensive research in the best methods and materials. He offers a wide range of affordable denture choices, from function centered basic dentures to cosmetic makeover dentures.

Cosmetic Makeover Denture Teeth

Many are aware that there are denture clinics all around the country that extract teeth and fabricate dentures for a fixed price. Many, however, are not aware of the differences in esthetic appearance, patient comfort denture quality and function. Denture Clinics use mass production laboratories that do not cater to the specific needs of each individual patient. Many problems can arise with this such as ill-fitting dentures, constant bleeding, painful biting, excessive use of adhesives, TMJ, headaches, migraines, and an off-kiltered bite are a few that usually result in not wearing the dentures.


Differences in Denture Clinics and Dental Offices

In a dental office there is always sufficient time for minimally invasive extractions, bone leveling, grafting, ridge splitting, and sedation. In dental clinics none of this occurs. Teeth are taken out using conventional procedures regardless of what the patient could benefit from. In most dental offices patient care is the number one priority and everything is centered on that patient at the time of their appointment. Denture clinics see many patients an hour, and do everything they can to have you, the patient, in and out as quickly as possible. The importance of removing diseased tissue and leveling the bone all the way around is imperative for proper fitting dentures. The amount of pain and frustration the patient will inevitably endure directly relates to how much work is done during the initial operation.


Premium Grade Cosmetic Dentures

Virtual Museum of artistically designed teeth used by Dr. Koeppel

Denture Teeth-Natural Esthetics-Strong


Premium grade dentures are only fabricated at dental offices, not denture clinics. The dentist works closely with the lab creating a perfectly fitting denture with esthetically pleasing results. A series of 3-5 impressions is taken for optimal retention. An initial training denture or immediate denture is utilized to help the patient get used to wearing dentures, while gum shrinkage occurs. The denture acrylic is made from exact shades matching the patients current gum tissue.

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Before  Flared Upper and Lower Teeth Gum Disease-Loose Teeth

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After Cosmetic Makeover Dentures – Life Changing

Brighter and more feminine gorgeous teeth, Dr. Koeppel was able to transform her to a more vibrant, youthful look. Her smile now exudes beauty, her bite is more functional, speech is better, and her lip is nicely supported.                


Teeth are made to exact specifications of the patient in material such as fine porcelain or high-grade acrylic, having proper anatomy and translucency characterized to fit that individual for beauty and strength. .


Denture laboratories are able to work on a case-by-case basis perfecting each individual case on an articulator (bite simulator) for optimal bite relationship between upper and lower teeth. Special speech and phonetics testing is done to assure patient is able to speak correctly. Unlimited visits for adjustments and soft relines are provided for upmost patient comfort. Upgradable dentistry is available upon patient request (attaching the denture to implants in the future).


Dr. Jack Turbyfill, a world-renowned denture expert and prosthodontist, developed the Turbyfill denture method, which he learned from Dr. Earl Pound. This method allows Dr. Koeppel to create dentures that balance occlusion (bite) and esthetics and accommodate the loss of bone and gum tissue. This specific protocol captures a patients mouth while eating, resting, chewing, and speaking making them incredibly comfortable.


Low Cost Dentures


Dr. Koeppel also offers very affordable standard dentures, focused on function more than esthetics. They are fabricated at our office using the same detailed techniques as cosmetic dentures and the patients receive the same personalized time and care.


However, at denture clinics, they use cheaper material, allow for minimal patient time and adjustments, offer only local anesthesia, and take fewer impressions to save on material. This means the denture process is not as thorough and the denture will not fit very well. Also, if you need to get back in for an adjustment or reline they will charge you because that is not allotted into their fixed price. The laboratories they use mass-produce dentures so its more or less a one size fits all. Cases are not mounted on an articulator and optimal bite relationship is almost never achieved and left to guess work. The teeth are made from plastic inexpensive materials and the acrylic is not made to match the gum tissue. There is no speech or phonetics testing and there usually is no ability for upgradable dentistry or to attach implants to this denture in the future.


Entry Level Denture

Premium Grade

Provided by Denture Clinics

Provided by Dentists, Prosthodontists

Laboratories operated in a mass production environment

Laboratory processes performed on a custom, case by case basis. Assurance of premium grade materials, no porosity, precise alignment and fit of all biting surfaces (occlusal relationships)

Made in 2-3 visits

Made in 4-7 visits

One impression taken for final denture

One impression taken for initial training denture. Final adjustments to overcome shrinkage of gum tissues are overcome by using functional impressions made during chewing motions to insure an accurate fit during chewing. Built into final denture, creating a tight, more natural fit

Made with common plastic teeth

Made with choice of high grade acrylics, porcelain, crowns, fillings, etc. to simulate or match real teeth

Pink gums or 3 ethnic colors

Gum areas are made to precisely match existing gum tissue characteristics of the patient, includes special shading, tinting, appearance of blood vessels, etc.

Manufactured with a hot water process - Shrinkage approximately 7%

Manufactured with acrylic injection mold process - Shrinkage under .1% (one tenth of 1 percent) creates tighter more perfect fit (prevents sores)

Not made on Articulator

Made on Articulator (bite-occlusal studies) to assure proper fit and natural appearance and alignment of teeth to eliminate a false or slanted look. Critical for assuring normal speech, normal bite, proper jawbone relationships.

      Colllapsed smile rehabilitation - minimal

Articulator studies enable dentist to build denture features that create new lip support and eliminate the collapsing granny mouth effect. Vertical Dimension and Bite is normalized

Underbite - Overbite Correction - minimal

Articulator studies enable dentist to recreate physical relationships in jaw positioning and movement that correct resting positions of maxilla and mandible that best approximates what Mother Nature provides

Speech - Phonetics testing not available

Special phonetics and speech testing performed to confirm ability to properly articulate "S", "V","CH" and "F" sounds

1-2 Try ins for final fitting

Multiple visits to assure best fitting

Soft liners not provided

Soft cushions used to create best comfort and retention for lower dentures

Special Aesthetics not available

Custom shading and tinting of individual teeth. New process provides appearance of Laser Teeth Whitening

Tooth spacing, rotations and overlaps created to mimic appearance of natural teeth - overcomes appearance of The Denture Look

Use with denture implants later - not available

Custom dentures provide patients with transition to implants and mini-implants to insure the ability to create cosmetic and functional results that are similar to Reconstructive Cosmetic Dentistry




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Cosmetic Dentures, Gum Characterization