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Imagine a dental office...
                          where you can't wait to arrive.

 Dr. Koeppel's Office.


• Dental Spa Services-An Entirely New Dental Experience


• Lumbar and neck pillows for your comfort, Tempur-pedic dental chairs.


Dr. Koeppel has never thought going to the dentist should be a frightening or bothersome experience. In fact, he believes it should be the exact opposite. You should enjoy coming to the dentist, and he prides himself on making his practice resound that. He feels it should be a relaxing atmosphere where you get pampered, leaving feeling relaxed and refreshed.

 • Warm scented towels
Heated paraffin hand treatments 



Scheduling and seeing one patient at a time allows Dr. Koeppel to give each patient a totally individualized experience and gives him the ability to go at the patients pace, stopping frequently if needed. Patient comfort and care are his number one priorities, and that is clear when you step into his office and get greeted by his dental staff waiting to pamper you and accommodate your every need to the highest level of service and comfort.


• Bread being freshly baked, a dental office doesn’t have to smell like one.

• Soft music & soothing hi-fidelity sounds, itouch and noise reduction

• Warm comfortable blankets


At his office, Dr. Koeppel offers many amenities, available to every patient, at no added cost, including:

  • • Reflexology of the hands and feet with his on-staff masseuse




Call our office at (631) 318-0000 to arrange a consult with Koeppel Dental Group to learn more about how to make your visits more comfotable. You can also use our Consult Request form to arrange an appointment.


Patients seeking specific answers or information related to the material on this page can also choose to contact the Doctors at Koeppel Dental Group directly with our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Koeppel will reply to you directly with the information you are seeking.